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Video marketing is one of the best investments you can make in your business or non-profit.

The investment potential of a professional, persuasive video is huge.   

Whether you’re a:

  • business wanting to showcase what you offer in a polished presentation
  • not-for-profit sharing your social impact success with donors or the community
  • political candidate needing to connect with constituents through clarity and authenticity

video let’s you shine online, 24/7, on your website, social media or affiliate channels.  

why choose clarity

Copy Writing - Clarity Web + Video

Script Writing

From 30 second ads to 30 minute presentations, we have extensive experience in scripting writing & editing.

Videography Clarity Web + Video


Our filming experience is diverse, from studio setups to run & gun style with multiple on-location shoots. Whatever your video requires, we can probably shoot it.


Clarity was selected as a 2019 finalist in the prestigious U.S. Reed Awards for digital video advertising.

pricing to suit your project size

No two website projects are the same, so we create a package price based on your specific needs and situation. 

What could a package look like for you?
Here are 3 tiers of typical project size.


For when you need a clear, polished video on a tight budget.
  • Up To 2 Min. In Length
  • 2 Hour Strategy Session
  • 1/2 Day On-Location Shoot
  • Editing (2 Rounds) & Production
  • Royalty-Free Music Track
  • Basic Graphics & Branding


Ideal for how to’s & instructional videos, political ads, or event promos
  • Standard Options, PLUS
  • Up To 5 min. In Length
  • Basic Shotlist
  • Full Day Shoot
  • Premium Graphics & Branding
  • Basic Script Support (Editing Only)


For large projects that require extra gear and specialty work.
Options Include:
  • Marketing Strategy Session
  • Multi-Day Shoot
  • Set Design & Makeup
  • Additional Gear Rental
  • Voice-Over & Narration Services
  • Transcription & Closed-Captioning

Need Web & Copy services too?

Let us put together a custom package for you today.


That’s not a typo.  Here are Five Questions to Ask before starting a video project (because we’re all about clarity at every stage of the process).

A video in itself is not a goal; it is a means to achieving your goal.  Simply having a video without a plan for how to make it work for you (other than popping it on your website or social feed) will not get you the best return on your investment.

As you prepare for a video project, clarify the purpose of the video (eg. help people understand your brand, encourage people to sign-up, donate or purchase a product, instruct people, )  Or we can help by adding additional marketing strategy support to your project quote.

You've heard the phrase, "it's not just what you say but how you say it."  This is an important consideration for video projects.  Your video should match both the tone of your brand, and the message you're trying to deliver. 

Once you have that figured out, ask: will I or the person on-screen be able to deliver that tone?  This will help you decide who the right person will be on-screen, or if additional coaching or hiring acting talent will be required.  We do our best to help you feel comfortable and natural in-front of the camera.

The truth is, some people are comfortable on-camera, while others are not.  It's good to know up front and be realistic about how strong a person will be able to perform on-screen so we can make accommodations in our planning. 

We work hard to make all our clients feel relaxed and natural during our filming, and can provide basic coaching and a teleprompter to help bring out your best delivery.  Or, we can talk with you about options for hiring on-screen talent if it fits your project scope and budget.

A video must fit into a larger marketing picture or strategy for your business or non-profit organization.  How the video will be used, on which channels it will be shown, how long will the video be relevant, etc. are questions that must be answered to ensure you get the most return on your video production investment.

Just like finding a great home, shooting a great video depends on location, location, location.  Do you have a location already picked out for your shoot?  We are experts at run & gun video shoots and can adapt our setups to suit a variety of locations.  However, we will work with you to decide the optimum location for your specific video needs.

Of course, you may have many other questions to ask too.  If so, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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Our clients say

susan shannon muniserv

Eric & Rick were so friendly and easy to work with. They just instinctively knew what we were looking for and ended up providing us with some great ideas to improve the muniSERV website. Thanks!

Susan Shannon

Director, muniSERV

Clarity approached the project with a very professional and experienced look at web design. Eric was able to distill our needs and dreams for our site into articulated project goals. He delivered on schedule and continued to communicate well through the process.

Darren Hoogendoorn

Senior Pastor, Hebron Church Whitby

Leading Influence-Tim-Schindel-Website-01

Clarity has done two major projects for us. They have been professional in every way. Our website is a huge improvement over what we had previously and represents us very well.

Tim Schindel

National Director, Leading Influence

My site looks great. Thank you so much for all the work you did on this. I've gotten lots of positive feedback on it, which is fantastic!

Kate Clipperton

Owner, Kate's Town Talk Bakery

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