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Project Overview

In addition to needing a website refresh, Kingsview Community Church wanted to improve their online channel options, to help church members stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


There were a number of challenges for rebuilding the Kingsview website.

First, it was built on an older builder platform that needed to be replaced.

Second, despite having clear brand standards, page design throughout the site was inconsistent.  Also, the site had a deep catalogue of photos and files that were not organized, making it hard to sort through for staff members.

Finally, with repeatedly closures during the COVID-19 pandemic, the church wanted to add a variety of live streaming options for Sunday services and other events to help keep the congregation connected.


We worked with church staff to select the best livestream options in terms of available hardware, stream quality, and ease of production. 

We then created a new set of logos for each ministry, improving brand consistency.  

The website was rebuilt using a modern interface, and we sorted the photo library using a filing plugin, making it much easier for staff to make site updates.  

Finally, we shot a short intro video on the livestream channel that welcomes visitors to Kingsview Community Church. 


Kingsview staff were thrilled with the new look of the website, and staff report it taking much less time to update with the newer backend.  

The church maintained strong online attendance during the COVID-19 lockdowns, making good use of the new livestream options.

We also want to acknowledge the fantastic new photography provided by a church volunteer, which captures the feel of the church and makes the website pop.


Leading up to the 2019 Canadian Federal Election, David Sweet was a long-time incumbent MP for Flamborough-Glanbrook. He had a strong reputation as a tireless representative with those already familiar with him, but many new people had moved into the riding, creating two challenges:

• Many were unaware of what services the constituency office offered and time was often spent explaining this in-person or  over the phone.

• With many voters unfamiliar with his tenure and service to the riding, he needed to establish his credentials, expertise, and vision to serve as their member of Parliament.


In 2018 we rebuilt the constituency website from the ground up, creating a far more functional, easy to navigate, and persuasive website and content.

This helped visitors quickly understand both David’s efforts of service and the ways his office could help them.  Then for the federal election we created a series of videos to address why David was running again, his vision and desire to serve, as well as videos that touched on several key issues of importance to voters.

These videos were far from the typical partisan politics messages voters are accustomed to seeing, but rather humble, transparent, and even vulnerable expressions of David’s true feelings and personality.


The new constituency website became a key platform to drive all online traffic to and helped alleviate confusion from the public when they did reach out to the constituency office.

As for the videos, they helped pave the way for David’s re-election and one video in particular was a Finalist in the prestigious U.S. REED Awards for political advertising.

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