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There’s an old adage in golf that says “you drive for show and you putt for dough.”  It’s a principle that applies well to copy writing.  Pictures are like the huge drives off the tee – impressive and attractive.  But the precision of words is like sharp putting that seals the victory.   All the great photos or video in the world can’t save poorly written copy from confusing or frustrating your audience.

If you need clear and persuasive copy for your website, video, newsletter or press release that’s on-brand and tuned to the needs of your customer or audience, we can help.

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Script Writing Clarity Web + Video


In our former ad agency days, we were senior copywriters on several award-winning ad campaigns for large corporate clients.

Story telling Clarity Web + Video


We live and breathe good stories that capture attention and elicit emotion. Put our training in Story Branding & experience in actually writing stories, scripts and novels to work for you.

Authentic Voice

We get to know our clients’ voice, nuance & style and are able to transpose it into authentic copy for a variety of purposes.

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That’s not a typo.  Here are Five Questions to Ask before starting a video project (because we’re all about clarity at every stage of the process).

A video in itself is not a goal; it is a means to achieving your goal.  Simply having a video without a plan for how to make it work for you (other than popping it on your website or social feed) will not get you the best return on your investment. 

As you prepare for a video project, clarify the purpose of the video (eg. help people understand your brand, encourage people to sign-up, donate or purchase a product, instruct people, )  Or we can help by adding additional marketing strategy support to your project quote.

You’ve heard the phrase, “it’s not just what you say but how you say it.”  This is an important consideration for video projects.  Your video should match both the tone of your brand, and the message you’re trying to deliver.  Once you have that figured out, ask: will I or the person on-screen be able to deliver that tone?  This will help you decide who the right person will be on-screen, or if additional coaching or hiring acting talent will be required.  We do our best to help you feel comfortable and natural in-front of the camera.

The truth is, some people are comfortable on-camera, while others are not.  It’s good to know up front and be realistic about how strong a person will be able to perform on-screen so we can make accommodations in our planning.  We work hard to make all our clients feel relaxed and natural during our filming, and can provide basic coaching and a teleprompter to help bring out your best delivery.  Or, we can talk with you about options for hiring on-screen talent if it fits your project scope and budget. 

Of course, you may have many other questions to ask too.  If so, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them. Contact Us

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