when you've only got seconds to grab attention you have to be clear.

We make sure your website & video marketing looks great and communicates with clarity.

Most websites & videos are failing at their job because of two big problems.

1. Unclear value

People want to know how you’re going to make their lives better or more meaningful.  If you can’t explain how you’re going to do that quickly and simply, you’re going to lose them.

2. Confusing Design

On the other hand, if your design is poor any message is going to suffer.  A messy or confusing design influences a person’s impression in less than eight seconds, causing people to lose confidence in you.

At Clarity, you’ll get the right message that looks great in every medium.

Dan Muys
Dan MuysMP Flamborough-Glanbrook
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“Over the years, we’ve worked together on several video and website projects and the results have always been incredible.”
Susan Shannon
Susan ShannonDirector, muniSERV
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Eric & Rick were so friendly and easy to work with. They just instinctively knew what we were looking for and ended up providing us with some great ideas to improve the muniSERV website. Thanks!
Tim Schindel
Tim SchindelNational Director, Leading Influence
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Clarity has done two major projects for us. They have been professional in every way. Our website is a huge improvement over what we had previously and represents us very well.
Josh Hageman
Josh HagemanSenior Pastor, Kingsview Community Church
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Navigating our church through Covid has been incredibly challenging. I was so thankful though to have been able to work with Clarity as they gave us some incredible solutions to help navigate our online services.

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